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Welcome to the Jokers Wild DJs website. This is an ongoing project so please "bear" with us.

Jokers Wild DJs believes that music instills humanity in our souls and affects us on a very deep level. The Joker started the Jokers Wild back in 1994 by accident. While working for a nursing home, an Activities Director knew the Joker collected music and asked if he could bring some in to play for the elderly residents. While playing music like the Andrew Sisters, Ernest Tubb, and Roy Rogers, the Joker saw what an affect this had on the residents. "It was incredible, some of these people hadn't heard that music in 40 years!" It was only a few weeks later when a co-worker asked if the Joker would be interested in performing for a Wedding. This was the beginning for Jokers Wild DJs.

Over the past years, Jokers Wild DJs has been providing top-of-the-line mobile DJ entertainment to thousands of people in the upper midwest. With a vast amount of music, props, and the experience, Jokers Wild DJs can entertain any type of an event with any type of age groups. The DJ's are professional and experienced to get the crowd dancing and keeping everyone having fun the whole night. Our whole goal every night is to have the best interaction through games, music, and just plain old fun. Jokers Wild plays a very well rounded night of music with variety from the 40's and 50's to todays newest hits. We invested in the best equipment in sound and lighting. Music and video is kept on mixing programs, computers, and even backed up on cd, this way your event won't be put on hold or ended early from a software issue! As this equipment is a fantastic service in it's self... we believe that's only a small part of the Joker's show.

Give us a call to get started. We would love to talk to you about your event and help you create a night of success and memories! Whether you are newly Engaged, or just putting the finishing touches on your Company Party or even Beerfest, get a hold of Jokers Wild! Talk to you soon.        

                                        - The Joker